Mark Richardson initially started his career as a mortgage agent with Matrix Mortgage Global, which specializes in the 2nd mortgage market. During that time, Mark was able to get a good understanding and knowledge of the 2nd mortgage market. Which also gave him time to build his contact list of 2nd mortgage and private lenders.

Mark Richardson is taking this excellent opportunity to work with Canada’s #1 Mortgage Company. Bringing with him some of this experience he has gained over the years as being a licensed mortgage agent. He has held his mortgage certificate from Seneca College since 2010, before becoming licensed in 2014.

During that time, Mark continued with his formal education, completing Construction Project Management at George Brown College. Also, attending various real estate investment seminars and was a member of the real estate investment group. Only to gain more knowledge of our vast real estate market and the different types of mortgages that potential clients may need.